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How To Encrypt Your Email

April 11, 2015


  1. Go to Tor and download it to your computer:
  2. Close all other programs and browsers.
  3. Open Tor and click on Start New Identity.
  4. Open in separate windows All three programs for GPG4Win; Mozilla Thunderbird; Enigmail in point 5. and download them.
  5. Use this link for Mac

or this link for PC

  1. See what version of Thunderbird and Enigmail you downloaded, and select the proper version.
  2. Read instructions for add-ons.
  3. Login to your email on Thunderbird.
  4. (Your email might not open for the first time. If that’s the case, go to your email in regular browser and change your setting.)
  5. After that with new Tor connection you can create anonymous email account.
  6. The minute you open any social media/websites on your computer while you are attempting to send secure email, your privacy and security is compromised. Keep that in mind.



The Race You Most Likely Identify By, Does Not Exist.

December 10, 2014

Dear people of human race:

Anytime you look at yourself in the mirror, or at your own reflection in the window display, you might still see white or black person, and I’m hoping soon you are going to see just a beautiful human being.

Please allow me to say something that for now might sound harsh, or nonsensical to you.

You are neither white, nor black.
Your race is human. Not white. Not black. Biologically you are just a human.

Regardless how many times your parents, school, police or the government told you what is your race, or most often they asked you to uncheck, submit or self-identify on an application what’s your race; the reality is the race you most likely use to identify by does not exist.
That is, unless you are already one of the people who doesn’t self identify as anything else but a human.

As Toni Morrison says:
“There is no such a thing as race.
There is just Human race.
Scientifically, anthropologically.
Racism is a construct, a social construct.”

And the thing is, even after you stop self-identify by race other than human, your friends, coworkers and other people who are still racialists (not racists) will continue to see you as white/black. Without regard for your self-identity, the science or biology, they will call you by racialized terminology and see you as a black or white in most likely honest, positive and respectful way. And they might argue that even though our race is human, your race is also black or white, because that’s how everyone else see you, and because that’s how they see you.

I know it might sound weird and confusing. After all why would your school or your social studies department wouldn’t tell you about this? Why would they use something that does not exist? Why would prestigious institutions and presidential speechwriters could be wrong? Why wouldn’t you already hear about it yourself? Isn’t it perhaps that I opposing to a plural race is wrong?
The answer is, no. Human race biologically does not have multiple races. And because the educational, publishing, mainstream media or governmental institutions are part of the intertwined status quo that benefits out of class and social divisions and the privileges that it grants.

As we look at most of the social studies books and analyses that we cherish so much and that are crucial to our understanding of race; from Cornel West, Angela Davis to Michelle Alexander, we discover that majority of these analyses focus on race as a social construct without explaining much what race biologically is or without much historical aspect of biological milestones of race. We don’t get to read about basic biological discoveries of genes, DNA and the science that’s behind race as a social construct, which is the only thing still alive. It is crucial for people to know the institutionalization of fraudulent science that brought race to be alive and after the discovery of genes and DNA kept race as a social concept fully in place.

It is really sad (and annoying) to see people in the 21st century in too many nations, especially during these times, still self-identify by race, while biologically human race does not have any parallel races.
It does not exist.
Race, as you know it, does not exist.
And the true color of your skin is most likely neither paper white, nor coal black. Humans, “black” and “white” in the USA, Britain, and across the world carry genes from a wide range of other so-called racial groups. Caucasians are large group if white races.

In order to address current race issues, we need to understand few technical terms.

Species is a biological classification of a unit that is often defined as the largest group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. Subspecies do not exist. Two different species are not able to produce fertile offsprings.

Race is a social concept, but biologically nonexistent, used to divide humans into sometime very subtle generalized populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation. Race is pre-scientific, pre-hypotheses concept based on belief that the human species is divided into distinct biological categories of species called races. See definition of species above.

Racialism is a continuation of the old belief that the human species is divided into distinct biological categories called ‘races.’ Racialism is not synonymous with racism. Racialists claim their use of the label “racialism” only as a fixation on racial categorization, without racial superiority or any intent to harm. No discrimination. Their focus is on race identity politics, or racial segregation, but claim to oppose state-sponsored racism, such as American slavery and Jim Crow segregation.

Racism is a prejudice and discrimination based on superior or inferior hierarchy of races.

Race and racialism is historically fraudulently-established social construct that people often voluntarily self-identify by and replicate.
We still do.
Yes. Long time after the discovery of genes, and decades after the discovery of DNA.

Once we understand biologically and socially what race is, it is possible to say, racial justice or racial equality is as good as justice and equality for the caste within a caste system (in India for instance).

So please, fellow humans, get out of this race frenzy.

You are doing the job much easier for the 1%ers and status quo who benefits from the race system and human hierarchical division.

Race = species = homo sapien = human, BUT! ≠ (white/black/other so called races)

Please, learn to use non racialized language.
Describe people by the true color of their skin if that’s important to you, or by their actual description, or by their historical continental descent.
Understand, we can not ever achieve equality and liberation, if we are still having segregated mindset, language, values and conversations.

So how do I describe people?
You can describe people that you use to call “white” as people of European descent.
You can say for instance:
“Number of reporters on Fox TV are of European descent. Due to their racial privileges in current racialized system they earn more money than many people of African descent. Even those with light brown tone of skin.
It is only on occasion Fox TV hires person of Asian or African descent, or anyone with darker brown skin and curly hair.”

You can describe people in any possible way, as long it is reasonable or factual. People can have light pink color of their skin, but not white.
Self identifying biologically as white or black is as real as sel identifying as hobbit or fairy. But self identifying ideologically as white or black is real and carries a lot of implications.

Don’t confuse race with ethnicity as many institutions and governments use the two of them interchangeable or as a synonym.

Ethnicity is a particular cultural group that share the same customs, beliefs, language, or ideology.

Add to the race:
You might say racism and racial discrimination is so unbearable that we have to fight for black people, racial justice and equality. And you are absolutely right, white privilege, racism and racial discrimination is unbearable, but so is slavery, caste discrimination, bantustans and ghettos. Living in racially divided but equal ghettos is not exactly many people’s vision of just and equal society. And if we ate to use the racialized language, yes, we need to help black people, and minorities.

Helping to discriminated people and keeping it status quo isn’t so unique to 21st century and the current struggle.
During slave abolition there was a prominent movement that thought the only way to abolish the brutal conditions of slavery was to provide slaves with better food, clothing and better living conditions for all slaves.
Similar way Gandhi promoted caste equality for each individual caste within the caste system.
Or the way some South African leaders who were aligned with Afrikaans during the apartheid system worked hard on South African’s equality through building just and equal bantustans.

I know you are the good person. You are the one who march in the streets, organize with people to change things and strive for better world not just for yourself.
But really, self-identifying by race as white, or black is only kicking the can down the road, prolonging the existence of disenfranchised communities who are going to next time negotiate their grievances as an equal minority race group at the table with equal majority racial group, where any attempt to give people justice and what they deserve is set to fail from the start. And the same model is replicated during any UN, or Climate summit.

You might say; But if I’m going to stop calling myself white, the other people will still continue calling themselves black and white.
And you are again correct. But you have to understand, the race concept came, was implemented and held in power by many of the people of European descent. By the white people of racialized system.
And again, people of African descent have the right to hang on to their self-identity as blacks throughout any future reconciliation process due to their historical, social and economic infringement, and due to historical, cultural and political accomplishments such as Black Liberation Army, Black Liberation Movement and so on that is unparalleled to white movement, or white people’s racial struggle.

Also, don’t think about racism in American exeptionalist terms. Racism isn’t only black and white issue. It is global issue. Wherever there is a racialized system where people buy into the fictitious concept of subdivision of human race into other races, there is naturally nationalism, sexism, stereotypes and discrimination of the other race or races.
In European part of Eurasia people engage in racism as well creating web of discrimination.
This might sound weird to U.S. racialists, because from the western part of Atlantic all European might seem as monolithic whites, which is not that case at all. It goes hand by hand with modern tools such as power of currency, power to bargain your own labor, and so on. The stereotypical anglo-saxons discriminate against all Slavs, Jews and Italians. The Slavs racialists further discriminate against the Romani (Gypsies), or the East and south European races.
In Africa racialists in Botswana discriminate against the Bushmen, racialists of Ivory Coast discriminates against Lebanese, in Asia Japanese discriminate against Koreans and so on. And America has its own tale of race, racialism and racism.

Please stay compassionate.
Stay aware of your or other people’s privileges.
Listen to other people’s stories and experiences, they are different from yours, but they are real.
Support those disadvantaged.
Keep challenging your own privileges and comfort zone.
Keep challenging the sources of power that benefit from the inequality.

Regardless if some commentators call nowadays “post-racial” era, the notion to think that is ridiculous as long we live in racialized society that calls people by multiple subhuman races. USA is still deeply racialized society.

Just because you want to end race-structure and racism please don’t become blind toward still existing institutional racism and inequality.
The current system will not go away overnight, or the minute you stop playing their race game. But it will slowly start crumbling on itself, and one day, we might live in a better world.

The minute you are going to see people for who they are, the racial mental barriers in your view will fall apart and dismantle.

I hope you are going to see soon around yourself more and more human beings, and less white or black state of mind.

#icantbreathe #handsup #EricGarner #MikeBrown #BlackLivesMatter #race #racism #racialism





In Picture: Is the Gateway National Park Dump? We treat our water and air as such.

April 14, 2014

For over 200 years, dry garbage was used to fill waterways and wetlands, creating tens of thousands of acres of “valuable” waterfront real estate, including most of lower Manhattan, the Red Hook shoreline of Brooklyn, and almost the entire northern and southern fringes of both Kings and Queens Counties, upon which our airports were built.

..I think i’m pretty familiar with many polluted and toxic sites of New York City (and around the world), but walking on the Brooklyn side of Gateway National Park eroded beach, south of Marine Parkway Bridge, which less than two years ago Hurricane Sandy submerged into the water and exposed what use to be landfill, makes me sad the way many sad social justice issues do.

I’ve seen NYC beaches literally covered with dead clams and oysters, i’ve seen beaches covered with black tar rocks. I’ve seen mass die-off of Horseshoe Crabs, I’ve seen New York beaches when sewage treatment plant wasn’t working and all waste water was discharged directly into the ocean. I was on Rockaway when Hurricane Sandy hit Fort Tilden Beach and I spend time cleaning the beach afterwards.

I use the beaches for recreational purposes throughout the years, but walking on thousands of bottles, jars, sharp crushed glass, tires, plastic objects, industrial waste, but mainly beach covered in glass makes me sad.

It makes me think of all of the wetlands and beaches of New York City that were turned into landfills, buried under tons of waste, filled to the max, and covered with grass. Now we export our trash to burry wetlands and valleys in other countries.
In the mean time old landfills are getting eroded. They are polluting environment and leaking chemicals into our waters.

The only positive thing about this awful place is seeing smiling packs of young women and couples calling themselves “Bottle Bandits.” They are browsing through the sea of bottles, digging them out of mud and comparing them with each other.
Apparently these bottles are just like this landfill, pretty old and young people who are already struggling to sustain themselves in this economy, are able to sell them to other collectors, and grow their own collection of old and unusual glass bottles. (See pictures bellow)

Here are some of the chemicals found in New York Harbor surroundings:

Between 1947 and 1977, General Electric dumped an estimated 1.3 million pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into the Hudson River. GE’s PCBs are now found in sediment, water and wildlife throughout the Hudson River ecosystem. They are also found in people. PCB is a carcinogens. In humans, PCB exposure has been scientifically linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive abnormalities, endocrine disruption, neurological dysfunction, and compromised immune systems.

Mercury is a metal that occurs naturally in the environment as a silvery liquid or as a vapor. When items containing mercury, like thermometers, are dumped in the trash, some mercury will eventually enter the environment. Coal burning plants, cement plants and other industry also release mercury as a pollutant. Mercury and mercury compounds can be found in air, soil and water. Mercury is also found in fish in the form of methylmercury. Fish absorb methylmercury from water and from eating smaller creatures that contain methylmercury. In humans, exposure to high levels of metallic, inorganic or organic mercury can damage the nervous system and kidneys. Children and unborn babies whose nervous systems are still developing, may suffer brain damage, behavioral and developmental problems from exposure to methylmercury.

Cadmium is a naturally-occurring metal found in small amounts in soil and water. It is used in many industrial operations and in consumer products such as paints, plastics and batteries. Cadmium also occurs in foods, tobacco and can be found in fish and shellfish from some waters. Cadmium accumulates in the body, mainly in the kidneys, and with continued exposure can have effects on kidneys, bones and blood. In 1995, a Superfund cleanup removed cadmium-laden sediments discharged from a battery factory between 1953 and 1979 in Foundry Cove near Cold Spring.

Strontium-90 (Sr-90) is the latest of several radioactive isotopes, including tritium, cobalt, and cesium, to be discovered in groundwater wells or soil samples since a leak from the Indian Point 2 spent fuel pool was discovered in August 2005. Sr-90, one of the most toxic byproducts of nuclear power generation, is produced as a fission byproduct of uranium and plutonium. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the isotope can enter the food chain when released into the environment. Human ingestion of strontium-90 – either by drinking water or eating contaminated food products – is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and concentrates in bone mass. Exposure to strontium-90 increases the risk of numerous diseases including bone cancer, leukemia, and soft tissue cancer. According to scholars at Northern Arizona University, strontium-90, which behaves like calcium, is accumulated by organisms and passed along a food chain magnifying with each link in the food chain. Consequently, top carnivores can accumulate very high concentrations of this radioactive isotope, even if only very low concentrations are released to the environment.
– See more at:

List of Superfund sites in New York

NYC Superfund Listings

Fresh Kills Landfill is on the western edge of Staten Island

New York’s Giant, Beautiful New Park, Built Atop a Landfill, Makes New York City Millions

Garbage Land, by Elizabeth Royte, On the secret trail of New York’s trash


















November 17, 2013

Crash course to twitter.

Twitter is social media which allows sharing information in 140 characters or less (letters, numbers, signs and variety forms of attachment).                                     In other words, short text.

It can be difficult and intimidating for people to use it, especially if there is no #TwitterManual right on the front page, or if you don’t have a friend who can show you how to use it. The whole thing about twitter is not self-explanatory as it is the case with many things we use these days, ..but hey, cheer up. Here are a few tips about how to start using #twitter:

Under each person’s twitter profile is several tabs which say something like this:

: this is a number of tweets this person/account tweeted out so far.

: number of people this person is following

: number of people that follows you, or particular account if you are looking at someone else’s twitter.

To begin using twitter:
Sign up for your account. Create your “handle”.
Handle: is (@YourUserName). Handle is essentially your address that will people use to interact with you and include you in conversation.
Add your profile pic, header image (background), and bio that reflect who you are.
Tweak your settings.
Twitter is much more fun if you connect it to your cell phone.

Once you sign up for your account you will see near the three numbers we were talking about above (Tweets/Following/Followers), another three symbols:

Low Brightness Symbol Emoji 1f505Busts In Silhouette Emoji 1f465Envelope Emoji 2709
Low Brightness Symbol Emoji 1f505 Edit profile, Settings, Help, Sign out.
Busts In Silhouette Emoji 1f465 Edit, Accounts, + (by which you can add another (different) account into your profile.
Envelope Emoji 2709 Messages (which shows you all of your Direct Messages between you and other person)

Somewhere on the top, bottom, or side (depending on the device you are using)     Personal Computer Emoji 1f4bbMobile Phone Emoji 1f4f1  you will find four signs:

House Building Emoji 1f3e0Home/Timelines

Bell Emoji 1f514    Notifications

    #      Discover

Bust In Silhouette Emoji 1f464    Me


Home (house symbol): Homepage shows your “Feed” streaming tweets posted by people you follow.

Connect (@ symbol): shows other people’s interactions with you, such as: retweets, mentions, or if anyone favorited your tweets

Discover (# symbol): discover what topics are trending (becoming popular), discover other people..

Me (person symbol): This is your profile that shows everything about you, your tweets and dashboard.

All the way on the top right hand corner you find:

Left Pointing Magnifying Glass Emoji 1f50d    Search bar
Memo Emoji 1f4dd    New Tweet: this is where you type your tweets.

Profiles: Are (usually) “public” and visible. But you can change your profile to be “private”.

Users: (people) “follow” each other in order to see the other person’s posts and converse. “Following” doesn’t have to be reciprocal and it doesn’t mean friendship or endorsement.

Tweet: 140 character message that is posted on your profile and automatically appear on the “news-feed” of your “followers”. It is also visible to anyone visiting your profile.

Retweet: (RT): Sharing someone else’s tweet.

Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your homepage posted by people you follow.

Mention: @OtherPerson: A way to reference another user. This user is notified when mentioned. This is how people conduct public discussions with each other.
Example: Just because you mention @otherperson, that doesn’t mean they will reply. #twittermanual

Direct Message: DM: Private 140 character message between two people. You are able to DM only a user who follows you.

Hashtag: #: A way to link discussion with other people’s tweets (#elections #demonstration #ClimateChange #MothersDay). A hashtag is a discovery tool that allows others to find your tweets, based on topics. You can click on a hashtag to see other people’s tweets that use it, even from people you don’t follow.

Replies: You use if you want to direct your comments to one specific person: example:
@OtherPerson I bought the book downtown.
Everyone who is following @OtherPerson and you will see the message, but you are specifically directing it to @OtherPerson. (Those who are not following both of you will not see the message.)
By placing period or word in front of OtherPerson’s name you are making your tweet visible to all of your followers who don’t follow the OtherPerson:
.@OtherPerson I bought the book downtown.
Hi @OtherPerson I bought the book #downtown.

By adding hashtag to a keyword you are filling this tweet as visible under #downtown.
You have to keep empty one character in front of @ # to keep them active.

Keep checking on the hashtags you are using to make sure you are #relevant. Hashtags play significant role in #communication and flow of #information on twitter.

Add picture or location to your tweet to make your tweet more interesting or news worthy.

Under every tweet you should see several symbols: Leftwards Black Arrow Emoji 2b05Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows Emoji 1f501White Medium Star Emoji 2b50•••

Leftwards Black Arrow Emoji 2b05 stands for: Reply: 1) @private_tweet  2) .@public_tweet

Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows Emoji 1f501 Retweet, or Quote tweet (modify tweet)

White Medium Star Emoji 2b50 Favorite: let people know you like their tweet
••• Share: depending on your setting and device, you can share tweet across variety communication/social media platforms, or Mail/Copy/Send/Report/Delete tweet

List: When you start following too many people, or just want to keep close eye on certain topic/interest, you might want to create a “list” or “lists” and add people to it.

Follow Friday: #FF: On Friday  you can send tweet recommending your followers who they should follow as well: “Hey everyone, these are great people to follow regarding #ThisTopic @tweep_1 @tweep_2 @tweep_3 #FF”


#EnjoyTweeting Winking Face Emoji 1f609



April 28, 2012

Funding for: Connecting the dots: Swedish Ship to Gaza & #GlobalrEvolution; throught MRG

April 19, 2012

This is a preview of your submission:

Name of Applying Group: Activist Legal Working Group
What type of group is it?: Working Group

What have your group or its members worked on in the past?: OWS Activist Legal Working Group (OWSALWG) We help to keep people out of jail, support those who do get arrested, and ensure that arrestees have the best legal support possible. We want to make sure that activists are the ones who decide and define what their legal case looks like–basing it in politics first–whenever desired. We collaborate with lawyers who are willing to respect the politics and autonomy of the activists. The National Lawyers Guild – NYC Chapter has been representing protestors arrested at OWS protests and providing legal observers and other legal support where needed ( OWSALWG holds and coordinates “know your rights” and solidarity trainings and we are organized into subgroups: • Jail Support • Anti-Repression Committee • Trainings • Activist-Lawyer Liaison We were arranging post eviction logistics with the city and sanitation department. Following the raid we vetted several lawyers to lead following lawsuits. We also explore surrounding issues with city codes, permits, sound & structure. For litigation cases we accomplished to have a Litigation Working Group & Mass Defense Committee We organize explore legal issues through National Lawyers Guild, Center for Constitutional Rights, New York Civil Liberties Union and others. ALWG passed statement of solidarity with OccupyAIPAC and send small delegation to Washington D.C. for several days.

Executive Summary (400 characters): I have the opportunity to go on the “Ship to Gaza”, which will sail from Scandinavia via the Atlantic and Mediterranean harbors to Gaza but also throughout the ports where the popular people’s uprisings and Occupies are taking place. The ports would include Dublin (#OccupyDameStreet), Lisbon (#acampadalisboa), Barcelona (#AcampadaBcn), Rome (#OccupyRome), Athens (#SyntagmaSq) and others.

What goal of Occupy Wall Street does this project address?: Outreach, education and PR. The goal for this mission is to get people’s assemblies further connected to the Palestinian struggle, get United States and the movement of Occupy further involved in international issues which are often tied back to the Wall Street and Washington and develop international solidarity.

How will this project move us toward achieving the goal stated above?: The ship will sail via many harbors in the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In every harbor we will organize an events comprised of: music and discussions. Outreach, education and PR.

What message will this tactic send to the target of the action, the public, the media, potential movement members, and existing movement members?: This mission is to get people’s assemblies further connected to the Palestinian struggle, get United States and the movement of Occupy further involved in international issues which are often tied back to the Wall Street and Washington and develop international solidarity. We want to make U.S. foreign policy answer to the 99%, not the 1%. The U.S. wouldn’t be deaf to the pleas of Palestinians for freedom if not for the outsized role of the 1% in campaign finance. We want U.S. policy to respond to Palestinian cries for freedom. The same applies to all the popular assemblies.

Which groups will be involved in this project?: Activist Legal Working Group, Minutes Working Group, Archives, Media, Press, and hopefully all the Occupies and wider public audience.

What does success look like for this project?: This tactic will show that nonviolent protest and international solidarity can generate and push through demands for basic human rights. It will also show all the commonalities among all of us humans and how closely connected we are.

What is your project’s estimated timeline?: This project will last for many weeks as it slowly make its way from port to port starting for me around the month of August. The ship will spend the whole month of July in the Baltic Sea.

Proposal Details (4000 characters):

Connecting the dots: Swedish Ship to Gaza & #GlobalrEvolution
Hello friends and families and supporters.

I have the opportunity to go in the late summer 2012 on the “Ship to Gaza”, which will sail from Scandinavia via the Atlantic and Mediterranean harbors to Gaza.

Ship to Gaza will in a joint-effort with partners from all over Europe continue with another International Freedom Flotilla mission.

The ship will this time sail from the Nordic waters to Gaza, via many harbors in the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In every harbor we will organize an events comprised of: music and discussions. Our voyage we will spread the word about the situation of Gaza and its people. We will also bring much needed cargo to Gaza. Many will have the opportunity to participate in this peaceful journey for solidarity. The ship S/V Estelle will perpetuate her proud tradition to sail for fair trade and human rights.

As the ship will spend the month of June throughout the variety of ports in the Baltic sea, I have the opportunity to join the crew throughout the ports the popular people’s uprisings and Occupies are taking place. The ports would include Dublin (#OccupyDameStreet), Lisbon (#acampadalisboa), Barcelona (#AcampadaBcn), Rome (#OccupyRome), Athens (#SyntagmaSq) and others. I am a member of Activist Legal Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) which consented on me being part of this project as a delegation of our working group.

My goal for this mission is to get people’s assemblies further connected to the Palestinian struggle, get United States and the movement of Occupy further involved in international issues which are often tied back to the Wall Street and Washington and develop international solidarity.

This project will last for many weeks as it slowly make its way from port to port and it is going to be hard work.

Please help me to be part of this great mission.

Thank you!


Libor Von Schönau grew up as an artist/activist in the Czech Republic, where he in 1992 joined the movement for environmental-indigenous-feminist-animal rights and against war/globalization/racism/sexism/homophobia/oppression/ablism/classism/transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. During that time, Libor became a vegetarian and began to work toward a more just and equitable world. After receiving a diploma in Operational Engineering, Libor refused to serve in the Czech military and became conscientious objector. He moved to the United States, where he received an International Marketing degree at the Central Connecticut State University.

Libor is a cofounder of Art and Struggle (an artist and activist collective) and former vice-chair of the Middle East Crisis Committee, which runs a weekly TV program called “The Struggle” (a grassroots media production covering human rights issues from the Middle East and outwards), among other projects.

Libor is a multiple media artist-activist who has exhibited in, participated in and organized social justice events with like-minded artist/activists, such as Far From Ordinary, Uprising, Anti-Imperialist-People’s Soccer Tournament, Israeli Apartheid Week Art Festival and many others. In the fall of 2010 he won the 5k Run Race for Tarek Mehana & Leonard Peltier (political prisoners). In 2011 he was a passenger on the U.S. boat to Gaza called the Audacity of Hope (part of the international Freedom Flotilla).

During that time he got involved with the Greek uprising in Athens at Syntagma Square. A few weeks later he became one of the organizers of Occupy Wall Street, where he is still currently active and tweeting as @LiborVonSchonau.


Ship to Gaza Sweden:

Ship to Gaza English blog:

Worldwide map of the squares:

Passengers on the Audacity of Hope:

Occupy Dame Street:

Acampada Lisboa:

Acampada Barcelona:

Assemlea Agora Roma:


Occupy Wall Street:

Expenses: Transportation:
Airfare to the point of “rendezvous” est. $1,000
Airfare from the port of departure est. $1,000
Miscellaneous transportation between the airport and harbors est. $200

Expenses: Signage: I will embody the message on the T-shirts with human rights slogans from: WE WILL NOT BE SILENT There will be more props through Occuprint

Expenses: Printing: $100 to print the T-shirts

Expenses: Props: Due to the limited space one can take on the airplane for such a long journey, we will try to squeeze all the messages on the clothing.

Equipment: Personal PC, HD Camera and communication devices

Shipping budget: Shipping cost is included in the airfare.

Rental budget: Communication services fees $300

Other items:
Travel insurance fees: $300
Food, logistics and other expanses: $800

Please list any potential or confirmed other sources of money for this project.: Personal income, small fundraisers among allies friends and families. (kick-starter unfortunately doesn’t allow this sort of funding)

Funding for the “People’s History Summer School” 2012 through MRG

April 18, 2012

This is a preview of your submission:
Name of Applying Group: The People’s Summer School
What type of group is it?: Affinity Group

Contact Person:

What have your group or its members worked on in the past?: The BRECHT FORUM is a cultural and educational center

Executive Summary (400 characters): “People’s History Summer School” one-week summer school which would be targeted towards OWS participants, especially folks new to the movement who..

Total amount requested: N/A

Proposal Details (4000 characters):
Hello Friends and allies
We realize that it is past the deadline and that this project may be outside the parameters of what MRG is funding but that we have no other way of trying to contact you to see if you or others are considering funding more ambitious projects.

Below is a rough outline of what a full proposal might look like for a “People’s History Summer School” that we have been working on with the Brecht Forum but we are still not in a position financially to make it into a reality.

The People’s Summer School

The national #Occupy movement has shown that there is no shortage of popular outrage here on streets of the United States, whether in large cities like New York or small towns in Alabama. One of the exciting things about this movement has been seeing the thousands of young people across the country who have flooded out of high school, colleges or local workplaces to take part in supporting this wave or popular resistance to corporate ownership of the political process in all of its forms.

It is clear that all of us, as people who work in “movement institutions” need to support this movement of the 99%, even as it is just starting to coalesce and find its voice. The Brecht Forum, which has been offering low cost (and often free) political education and history to activists, organizers, academics and the casual passerby for nearly 40 years, is looking to launch an ambitious summer school program named at the late, great, Howard Zinn’s work; “A People’s Summer School” as a pilot project here in NYC during the month of August.

The concept is to pull in three key sectors for a collaborative educational experience that can hopefully be replicated across the country in the coming years, as we know this will be a long and winding road as we navigate the movements ups and down. The three sectors we are looking at are; (1)Local progressive non-profits with a committed track record of social justice work and leadership development amongst working class, people of color, women, youth and LGBTQ communities; (2)OWS and the layers of (often young/new) activists just coming into this work for the first time and learning on the fly while demonstrating a tremendous amount of bravery and self-sacrifice; (3)Training organizations and individuals and small collectives that specialize in political and popular education.

A popular history curriculum would be collectively developed by several partnering organizations and be presented through an (initially)one-week summer school which would be targeted towards OWS participants, especially folks new to the movement who could benefit from some historical context and developing specific skill sets (Media&Communications, Grassroots Fundraising, Meeting Facilitation, Organizing 101, Coalition Building). The tangible outcomes would include (a)Better political, and personal, alliances made locally between existing grassroots organizations, OWS activists and educational resource centers; (b)Developing concrete skill sets for a new generation of activists, who will be trained in a wide variety of skills, all of which can be put to use as we enter into the fall of this year; (c)Showing our commitment as existing movement spaces to the leadership development, political education of a new generation just as in previous years institutions and space for reflection for activists immersed in the Civil Rights Movement of the time.

The development of a curriculum and the publishing of our experiences coming out our first summer school will hopefully allow for this process to be replicated on larger (and smaller) scales in town, cities and local communities throughout the country. The relationships have been built, the energy is there, the spaces are available, we just need the resources to make this happen.

On behalf of the affinity group we look forward to discussing this proposal in more detail with you.
Sincerely The People

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