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About: Art And Struggle

ArtAndStruggle.Com is here to document and assemble a comprehensive educational collection of social justice art, the biggest, most diverse artist movement.

Art And Struggle is an artist & activist collective that disseminates information through cultural mediums. We promote freedom of speech and expression with justice and equality to all living creatures.

We strive towards just, equitable, long term sustainable peaceful society. ArtAndStruggle.Com is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the development of documentary photography, investigative journalism, multimedia, rhymes, music, films, installations, art and education to engage in dialogue with our respective communities for social, economical and political change across the globe.

We seek to create a venue where ideas, exploration, creativity and the completion of such work can be achieved.

Individual vision can become a beacon that serves as a catalyst to human understanding and enlightenment of the whole society. ArtAndStruggle.Com seeks to provide a place where this creativity can grow, nourish and find an outlet.

Photography, video, music and other documents that are created from these mediums are key components of the information age. They are critical to the creation of public awareness and the resulting policies that affect or change our society. Our goal is to provide insight and perspective.

Because the resources, distribution, access to documentary, journalistic or social research is becoming more and more controlled, restricted or manipulated due to corporate globalization, government intervention and/or the dictates of the commercial market place; In depth, independent work is becoming extremely difficult to accomplish.

When evaluating the importance these independent voices contribute to the society, ArtAndStruggle.Com seeks to contribute to a venue where ideas, exploration and the completion of such work can be achieved.

Art And Struggle can not compete with corporate media, multinational art dealers, elitists art magazine or publishers who dictates the conditions of art industry, but we can make an indent in their empires. We can bring you meaningful art which believes that “another world is possible”.

All individuals are welcome, needed and appreciated no matter if you are concerned with your community, other continents, or the whole Earth, whether you produce films, are an emcee, create poetry, paint, dance, or do photography, it does not matter. Art And Struggle is here to document and assemble a comprehensive educational collection of social justice art, the biggest, most diverse artist movement.

We are far from ordinary, a non-profit gallery. We bring you picture of the world we live-in painted by not your ordinary artists.

While more and more dealers look to the Internet to find the “next big talent”, ArtAndStruggle.Com provides the ideal opportunity for the “real talent”.

Our collective is delighted to support artists in promoting real issues of this blue planet. We are extremely proud of the standard of work produced by our members, which covers a fantastic range of style and technique. Our online galleries contains a huge selection of superb art including oil paintings, acrylics, prints, music, spoken word, poems, film, culinary and many more. ArtAndStruggle.Com creates meaningful work and provides something of lasting value for the whole society.

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