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The Race You Most Likely Identify By, Does Not Exist.

December 10, 2014

Dear people of human race:

Anytime you look at yourself in the mirror, or at your own reflection in the window display, you might still see white or black person, and I’m hoping soon you are going to see just a beautiful human being.

Please allow me to say something that for now might sound harsh, or nonsensical to you.

You are neither white, nor black.
Your race is human. Not white. Not black. Biologically you are just a human.

Regardless how many times your parents, school, police or the government told you what is your race, or most often they asked you to uncheck, submit or self-identify on an application what’s your race; the reality is the race you most likely use to identify by does not exist.
That is, unless you are already one of the people who doesn’t self identify as anything else but a human.

As Toni Morrison says:
“There is no such a thing as race.
There is just Human race.
Scientifically, anthropologically.
Racism is a construct, a social construct.”

And the thing is, even after you stop self-identify by race other than human, your friends, coworkers and other people who are still racialists (not racists) will continue to see you as white/black. Without regard for your self-identity, the science or biology, they will call you by racialized terminology and see you as a black or white in most likely honest, positive and respectful way. And they might argue that even though our race is human, your race is also black or white, because that’s how everyone else see you, and because that’s how they see you.

I know it might sound weird and confusing. After all why would your school or your social studies department wouldn’t tell you about this? Why would they use something that does not exist? Why would prestigious institutions and presidential speechwriters could be wrong? Why wouldn’t you already hear about it yourself? Isn’t it perhaps that I opposing to a plural race is wrong?
The answer is, no. Human race biologically does not have multiple races. And because the educational, publishing, mainstream media or governmental institutions are part of the intertwined status quo that benefits out of class and social divisions and the privileges that it grants.

As we look at most of the social studies books and analyses that we cherish so much and that are crucial to our understanding of race; from Cornel West, Angela Davis to Michelle Alexander, we discover that majority of these analyses focus on race as a social construct without explaining much what race biologically is or without much historical aspect of biological milestones of race. We don’t get to read about basic biological discoveries of genes, DNA and the science that’s behind race as a social construct, which is the only thing still alive. It is crucial for people to know the institutionalization of fraudulent science that brought race to be alive and after the discovery of genes and DNA kept race as a social concept fully in place.

It is really sad (and annoying) to see people in the 21st century in too many nations, especially during these times, still self-identify by race, while biologically human race does not have any parallel races.
It does not exist.
Race, as you know it, does not exist.
And the true color of your skin is most likely neither paper white, nor coal black. Humans, “black” and “white” in the USA, Britain, and across the world carry genes from a wide range of other so-called racial groups. Caucasians are large group if white races.

In order to address current race issues, we need to understand few technical terms.

Species is a biological classification of a unit that is often defined as the largest group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. Subspecies do not exist. Two different species are not able to produce fertile offsprings.

Race is a social concept, but biologically nonexistent, used to divide humans into sometime very subtle generalized populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation. Race is pre-scientific, pre-hypotheses concept based on belief that the human species is divided into distinct biological categories of species called races. See definition of species above.

Racialism is a continuation of the old belief that the human species is divided into distinct biological categories called ‘races.’ Racialism is not synonymous with racism. Racialists claim their use of the label “racialism” only as a fixation on racial categorization, without racial superiority or any intent to harm. No discrimination. Their focus is on race identity politics, or racial segregation, but claim to oppose state-sponsored racism, such as American slavery and Jim Crow segregation.

Racism is a prejudice and discrimination based on superior or inferior hierarchy of races.

Race and racialism is historically fraudulently-established social construct that people often voluntarily self-identify by and replicate.
We still do.
Yes. Long time after the discovery of genes, and decades after the discovery of DNA.

Once we understand biologically and socially what race is, it is possible to say, racial justice or racial equality is as good as justice and equality for the caste within a caste system (in India for instance).

So please, fellow humans, get out of this race frenzy.

You are doing the job much easier for the 1%ers and status quo who benefits from the race system and human hierarchical division.

Race = species = homo sapien = human, BUT! ≠ (white/black/other so called races)

Please, learn to use non racialized language.
Describe people by the true color of their skin if that’s important to you, or by their actual description, or by their historical continental descent.
Understand, we can not ever achieve equality and liberation, if we are still having segregated mindset, language, values and conversations.

So how do I describe people?
You can describe people that you use to call “white” as people of European descent.
You can say for instance:
“Number of reporters on Fox TV are of European descent. Due to their racial privileges in current racialized system they earn more money than many people of African descent. Even those with light brown tone of skin.
It is only on occasion Fox TV hires person of Asian or African descent, or anyone with darker brown skin and curly hair.”

You can describe people in any possible way, as long it is reasonable or factual. People can have light pink color of their skin, but not white.
Self identifying biologically as white or black is as real as sel identifying as hobbit or fairy. But self identifying ideologically as white or black is real and carries a lot of implications.

Don’t confuse race with ethnicity as many institutions and governments use the two of them interchangeable or as a synonym.

Ethnicity is a particular cultural group that share the same customs, beliefs, language, or ideology.

Add to the race:
You might say racism and racial discrimination is so unbearable that we have to fight for black people, racial justice and equality. And you are absolutely right, white privilege, racism and racial discrimination is unbearable, but so is slavery, caste discrimination, bantustans and ghettos. Living in racially divided but equal ghettos is not exactly many people’s vision of just and equal society. And if we ate to use the racialized language, yes, we need to help black people, and minorities.

Helping to discriminated people and keeping it status quo isn’t so unique to 21st century and the current struggle.
During slave abolition there was a prominent movement that thought the only way to abolish the brutal conditions of slavery was to provide slaves with better food, clothing and better living conditions for all slaves.
Similar way Gandhi promoted caste equality for each individual caste within the caste system.
Or the way some South African leaders who were aligned with Afrikaans during the apartheid system worked hard on South African’s equality through building just and equal bantustans.

I know you are the good person. You are the one who march in the streets, organize with people to change things and strive for better world not just for yourself.
But really, self-identifying by race as white, or black is only kicking the can down the road, prolonging the existence of disenfranchised communities who are going to next time negotiate their grievances as an equal minority race group at the table with equal majority racial group, where any attempt to give people justice and what they deserve is set to fail from the start. And the same model is replicated during any UN, or Climate summit.

You might say; But if I’m going to stop calling myself white, the other people will still continue calling themselves black and white.
And you are again correct. But you have to understand, the race concept came, was implemented and held in power by many of the people of European descent. By the white people of racialized system.
And again, people of African descent have the right to hang on to their self-identity as blacks throughout any future reconciliation process due to their historical, social and economic infringement, and due to historical, cultural and political accomplishments such as Black Liberation Army, Black Liberation Movement and so on that is unparalleled to white movement, or white people’s racial struggle.

Also, don’t think about racism in American exeptionalist terms. Racism isn’t only black and white issue. It is global issue. Wherever there is a racialized system where people buy into the fictitious concept of subdivision of human race into other races, there is naturally nationalism, sexism, stereotypes and discrimination of the other race or races.
In European part of Eurasia people engage in racism as well creating web of discrimination.
This might sound weird to U.S. racialists, because from the western part of Atlantic all European might seem as monolithic whites, which is not that case at all. It goes hand by hand with modern tools such as power of currency, power to bargain your own labor, and so on. The stereotypical anglo-saxons discriminate against all Slavs, Jews and Italians. The Slavs racialists further discriminate against the Romani (Gypsies), or the East and south European races.
In Africa racialists in Botswana discriminate against the Bushmen, racialists of Ivory Coast discriminates against Lebanese, in Asia Japanese discriminate against Koreans and so on. And America has its own tale of race, racialism and racism.

Please stay compassionate.
Stay aware of your or other people’s privileges.
Listen to other people’s stories and experiences, they are different from yours, but they are real.
Support those disadvantaged.
Keep challenging your own privileges and comfort zone.
Keep challenging the sources of power that benefit from the inequality.

Regardless if some commentators call nowadays “post-racial” era, the notion to think that is ridiculous as long we live in racialized society that calls people by multiple subhuman races. USA is still deeply racialized society.

Just because you want to end race-structure and racism please don’t become blind toward still existing institutional racism and inequality.
The current system will not go away overnight, or the minute you stop playing their race game. But it will slowly start crumbling on itself, and one day, we might live in a better world.

The minute you are going to see people for who they are, the racial mental barriers in your view will fall apart and dismantle.

I hope you are going to see soon around yourself more and more human beings, and less white or black state of mind.

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