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Assemblies of #OccupyWallStreet

October 28, 2011

You can find out more information about each model and leave a comment at:

MODEL: People’s Assembly Of Occupy Wall Street v/s General Assembly Of Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Spokes Council

Council’s functions are:

– To be a mare messengers of a message given to it by the People’s Assembly.
– Council can make recommendations to the People’s Assembly as a group.
– A council members brief and discuss on issues of their own delegated groups with the whole council and crosspolinate.
– Council members function is to be as a default point-of-contact for delegated group, but not as a spokes persons, unless they are empowered to do so by the group.
– Council is an advising body issuing recommendations when People’s Assembly is not in the session, but it is not empowered to make any decisions on behalf of the PA.
– All decisions are made by the people of People’s Assembly, unless voted otherwise.
– Council members can never act on their own behalf while empowered to deliver a message, negotiate or delegate.
– Council meetings are open to the public and any one can participate in them.

– People’s Assembly has right to alter and abolish council.

(Please discuss and modify this model)

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