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Funding to AirFlotilla2 and Welcome to Palestine in 2012 through MRG

April 11, 2012

This is a preview of your submission:
Name of Applying Group: Activist Legal Working Group
What type of group is it?: Working Group

Contact Person: Libor:, Carrie:

Contact Email:

Street Address: XXX XXXXXX St

City, State and ZIP: Ridgewood, NY, 11385

Phone: 917476866zero

What have your group or its members worked on in the past?:

OWS Activist Legal Working Group (OWSALWG) We help to keep people out of jail, support those who do get arrested, and ensure that arrestees have the best legal support possible. We want to make sure that activists are the ones who decide and define what their legal case looks like–basing it in politics first–whenever desired. We collaborate with lawyers who are willing to respect the politics and autonomy of the activists. The National Lawyers Guild – NYC Chapter has been representing protestors arrested at OWS protests and providing legal observers and other legal support where needed (

OWSALWG holds and coordinates “know your rights” and solidarity trainings and we are organized into subgroups:

• Jail Support

• Anti-Repression Committee

• Trainings

• Activist-Lawyer Liaison

We were arranging post eviction logistics with the city and sanitation department. Following the raid we vetted several lawyers to lead following lawsuits. We also explore surrounding issues with city codes, permits, sound & structure. For litigation cases we accomplished to have a Litigation Working Group & Mass Defense Committee We organize explore legal issues through National Lawyers Guild, Center for Constitutional Rights, New York Civil Liberties Union and others. ALWG passed statement of solidarity with OccupyAIPAC and send small delegation to Washington D.C. for several days.

Please provide references (with phone numbers) and links to online presences.:

Lisa: 6465328zero78, Matt: 717576353nine, Libor: 917476866zero


Is there a specific date that this project needs to occur on?: Departing on Friday April 13, 2012


Executive Summary (400 characters):

“Welcome to Palestine in 2012 will again challenge the Israeli policy of isolating the West Bank, at a time when paramilitary settlers and the army commit crimes against a defenseless Palestinian civilians. We call on governments to support the Palestinians’ right to receive visitors, and the right to their respective nationals to freely visit Palestine. Participants in the mission Welcome to Palestine in 2012 asking to pass through the airport in Tel Aviv without incident in order to go directly to the West Bank where they are expected to take part in a project on the right to education for children Palestinian. “

Total amount requested: $3,000 for 2 air tickets.


What goal of Occupy Wall Street does this project address?:

We want to make U.S. foreign policy answer to the 99%, not the 1%. The U.S. wouldn’t be deaf to the pleas of Palestinians for freedom if not for the outsized role of the 1% in campaign finance. We want U.S. policy to respond to Palestinian cries for freedom. As a members of Occupy Wall Street we oppose wasting of taxpayers resources to fund nation that is known for suppression of human rights. We give every year over Billion to Israel who uses this funding to occupy Palestine, destabilize the Middle East. The funding is also used to endanger and kill American and international peace activists and bringing United States into the war with Iran which would put further economic burden on the US economy. We are tired of our government taking orders from the Israel Lobby. We are tired of many US foreign policies which don’t reflect the needs and values of US citizens.


How will this project move us toward achieving the goal stated above?:

This project will generate publicity for the fact that Palestinians are being denied the freedom to receive international visitors. In particular, this project is receiving attention in Europe but not in the U.S. where it is most needed; so far, few Americans are participating. Our participation will help draw the attention of Americans to this project.


What message will this tactic send to the target of the action, the public, the media, potential movement members, and existing movement members?:

This tactic will show that nonviolent protest and international solidarity can focus attention on Palestinian demands for basic human rights.


Which groups will be involved in this project?: Activist Legal Working Group, Minutes Working Group, Archives, Media, Press,

How many people do you estimate will work on this project and for how many hours in total?:

There has been several thousands of people working on this project for endless time.

What does success look like for this project?:

This tactic will show that nonviolent protest and international solidarity can generate and push through demands for basic human rights.

@DailyOccu @OccupiedWSJ @DemocracyNow @Guardian @TruthOut @Intifada @MondoWeiss @JustFP @CodePink and other media

What is your project’s estimated timeline?:

April 13, 2012 – April 20 and several weeks of report-backs upon arrival to the United States.

Proposal Details (4000 characters):

Activist Legal Working Group agreed to seek a funding and send at least two people to AirFlotilla2 and boost US presence. We designated four suitable people for this project with extensive background on the Middle East politics and US policies. The goal is to purchase at least two ,500 round-trip airtickets. Participate and network at Welcome to Palestine in 2012 Upon participants arrival we would like to set up a series of report backs and bring the issue of foreign policies and spending in the foreground of our discussions.

Materials: N/A

Expenses: Transportation: $3,000 for 2 air tickets.

Expenses: Signage: We will be provided T-shirts with human rights slogans from WE WILL NOT BE SILENT

Expenses: Printing: N/A

Expenses: Props: N/A personal expanses

Equipment: personal documentary equipment.

Shipping budget: N/A

Rental budget: N/A

Other items: N/A personal property/items lasting for several days.

Please list any potential or confirmed other sources of money for this project.: Personal expanses, friends and families.

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