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Privatized Greece “under new management”/what’xxxx happened in Greece (June/July 2011)

July 9, 2011

Reliving the trauma by reading this articles makes me cry…
I thought we were going to die there that day.

I’m talking about the fact that innocent people were being brutally beaten up, chemical weapons were being used against them, and their rights and voices were being violently suppressed silenced and ignored.

That’s what hurts me. The injustice.

I smell the teargas in my nose again.
Even-though I stand with the peoples in the streets, I cannot help the feeling of guilt and responsibility for the violence by being from the U.S.

Reading Made in Pennsylvania U.S.A. (courtesy of international financiers) on exploded stun grenades and teargas reminded me the uncompromising, merciless power of the empire.
– Injustice goes unpunished.

What happened in Athens is directly linked to what happened to the Freedom Flotilla II.
What happened in Athens is directly linked to many different causes and struggles around the globe.
I was happy to find out that some of the documentary material from June 29th 2011 has been created by other internationals of the Freedom Flotilla who came out to support this popular uprising. (I was in Athens like many other as a passenger of the International Freedom Flotilla – Stay Human, during those days.


People of Greece are very well educated and aware of their socio-economical problems (significantly more than the people in U.S.).

After all the organizing, mobilizing and demonstrating, what really brought them to the streets was this painting with a message “The Greeks are sleeping”.
The message actually triggered people to go out to the streets to tell the government that they are not asleep and they know what’s going on. They know of government elite’s dirty little secrets with IMF, European Bankers, China, Israel, Germany, Luxemburg and other financier schemes. They know of the contracts signed secretly, without referendums and against people’s will.


It is a picture of great Greek revolutionary and national hero called “Kolokotronis”.
He and a bunch of other revolutionaries started the Greek Revolution in 1821 against the ottoman empire.
Greece was under the othoman empire from 1453 (that is the year that Istambul which was part of Greece, fell in the hands of ottomans) to 1821.
If you were an ottoman in 1821 you would characterize Kolokotronis as a terrorist. But in Greece he was a national hero.
The picture is showing a raging bull (the IMF) and Greek national revolutionary hero – stabbing has a pure symbolic meaning.


In order to somewhat understand the mood of Athens and the rest of the Greece during the period of June/July 2011 one has to have a knowledge of the scene. These links will help you to draw the picture.


– Greece should sell islands to keep bankruptcy at bay, say German MPs                                                                                                                                                                                          Summary: the EU just told Greece to prepare for Debtor in Possession loan issuance. Basically should Greece default, and it will, the Parthenon will go to Germany, Santorini will go to Luxembourg, Piraeos will likely end up in IMF hands, and the Chinese will own the rest.


twitter: Greek media suck! We are under #IMF occupation, the #flotilla has been banned and our media are currently showing the royal wedding. #fail


– 48 hours in Syntagma Square during a general strike in Greece

– Greece: “We Gave Birth to Democracy, and We Killed It!”

-Yorgos Avgeropoulos: Flirting With Death

– Police purchase 900,000 euros worth of chemicals, report says
Members of Greece’s anti-riot squad allegedly used more than 2,200 tear gas canisters and stun grenades during the demonstration.


here is few more pictures from that day:  and here is the original song from Keny Arkana – La Rage – French Rap (English subtitles)


twitter: Ppl reporting about spitting blood from excessive tear gassing.
twitter: 40 people wounded with rubber bullets
twitter: The tweets remind me the voices of the students in Polytechnic university on 17/11/1973


here is some video from that day:
– the usual professional-hoodies of the secret police/instigators.

– Videos showing police brutality, agents provocateurs and chemical war by riot police in the center of Athens, at Syntagma Square.


In order to understand this problem little more follow..:

– How Greece’s Political Elite Ruined the Country,1518,772176,00.html

– The Business podcast: Greece’s debt crisis and the euro

– For the first time in Greece a documentary produced by the audience.
“Debtocracy” seeks the causes of the debt crisis and proposes solutions, hidden by the government and the dominant media.

– Greek Parliament Approves Austerity Plan



… and this is to all of you my sisters and brothers

– Greek Revolution. Join the #GreekRevolution (ΑΓΑΝΑΚΤΙΣΜΕΝΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ)

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