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Stars & other “stars” make history with Palestinian songs

June 1, 2011


I would like to start with this press release:

Stars make history with Palestine song

First popular single to support Palestinian freedom struggle
Leading international musicians today announced plans to make history with the first popular song to support Palestinians’ struggle for justice.
The song, ‘Freedom for Palestine’, is performed by musicians calling themselves OneWorld. Faithless/Slovo star Dave Randall was inspired to write and produce the single after a trip to the West Bank.
OneWorld includes Randall, Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap), Maxi Jazz (Faithless), LSK, Harry Collier (Kubb), Andrea Britton, Sudha (Faithless), Andy Treacy (Faithless/Moby/Groove Armada), Attab Haddad and Joelle Barker.
The track brings together leading members of seminal dance act Faithless for the first time since the band officially split up in April.
Dave Randall said,
“As a child growing up in Britain, the struggle against apartheid in South Africa seemed a long way away until I heard the song ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ by The Special AKA. Now, apartheid in South Africa has fallen, but something very similar remains in Palestine – as I discovered when I visited Gaza and the West Bank recently. What I saw convinced me that it is time for a new generation of musicians from around the world to stand up for Freedom for Palestine.”
Many commentators – including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former US President Jimmy Carter – have drawn a parallel between Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land with South African apartheid.
The song also features the Durban Gospel Choir and members of the London Community Gospel Choir.
During the last year Faithless, Massive Attack, Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron, the Tindersticks, the Klaxons and the Gorillaz Sound System have all cancelled gigs in Israel over increased repression of Palestinians.
The news comes as British foreign secretary William Hague today backed US president Barack Obama’s call for an independent Palestinian state.
It also emerges only days after Israeli troops shot dead at least 13 Palestinians in protests over the occupation.
The single will be available for pre-order from 31 May, one year on since Israeli commandos killed and injured many activists in a raid on a flotilla of ships delivering aid to besieged Gaza.
The music video – which features the artists recording the single, as well as comedian Mark Thomas, rapper Lowkey and poet Michael Rosen, the former children’s laureate – will be made publicly available on YouTube on the same day.
Chart release will be on 3 July.
The track is being remixed by notable dance producers including Phil Jones from Specimen A.
It is backed by the anti-poverty charity War on Want and proceeds from sales of the song will go to support its projects in Palestine.
Contact Paul Collins: 07983 550 728
Pictures of musicians recording the song are available.
Dave Randall is available for interview.
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as this just came out and I hope all of my friends DJ’s are going to play it over and over, and I hope to hear it soon on the main stream radio stations, in the night clubs, and from your I-pod on the subway. I would like to mention this song (and this song comes in four different versions, one hotter than the other!) is hardly the first song singing about Palestine and the Israeli oppression.
One thing is for famous musicians to listen to the call of Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement, join The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana, Faithless, Gill Scott-Heron, Meg Ryan, Alice Walker, the Yes Men and many more who support the he Cultural Boycott of Israel, and canceled their trip since the Israeli racial discrimination got from bad to worst. (Today anyone can draw the link between South African Apartheid and the Israeli Government.)
And another thing is to get inspired by this beautiful global cultural movement and write a song, poem, make a movie, painting, theater play, ballet or commit another act of creativity through any cultural/artistic media.
As the media, the funding behind the media, the industrial non-profit complex, producers, galleries, and most of the artistic world are not too keen on Palestinian message and in reality any artist who let the muse entertain her or his mind and produces piece of art against the advices of their friends, managers, dealers and establishments,…. those are very often committing career suicide.
Those artists and activists, especially if they did not grow up in Palestinian culture (or grew up ripped apart from that land) and don’t have to have otherwise any ties to this culture besides their sense of responsibility as a global citizens, those very noble people deserve extra recognition.
Now let’s stick to the music. I would like to bring up at least few other song which you might enjoy.
Here they are:

David Rovics – Song for the Mavi Marmara

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